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Quelle Cad

“If I could get back my youth, I’d do anything in the world except get up early, take exercise or be respectable.” Lord Henry Wooten from THE PORTRAIT OF DORIAN GREY

Hot Pants Redux

Long legs and hot pants. You know I would get in the Time Machine back to 1971. In a heart beat.

Hot Pants Back Then

This morning the thermometer outside the window of the Fort Greene Observatory read a frosty 18 Fahrenheit. My hand touched the glass. It was colder than ice. I bundled up for my walk to the train station, but was heartened by the toasty warmth of the sun. The strength of its glow was not a […]

Duro Olowu @ Salon 94

Nigerian Designer, Duro Olowu presented Last evening I attended the opening of Duro Olowu, a Nigerian fashion designer. I had almost blown off the event, except I had spent the entire day writing ALMOST A DEAD MAN and needed a break from my novel about a black pimp in Hamburg. Samantha McEwen had two pieces […]

Trench Coat And Bare Legs

Humphery Bogart immortalized the gaberdine trenchcoat in the 1942 film CASABLANCA. Millions of men have copied his style over the years with success, because a knee-length trench coat transformed most wearers into men and wowmne of mystery. According to Wikipedia the trench coat offered an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats worn by British and […]