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Thai School Uniforms

Memory is in details and I can remember exactly what I was wearing the day JFK was murdered in Dallas. A white shirt, sky-blue tie, navy-blue trousers, a black belt, and black shoes. Every boy in my class wore the same outfit. In fact the uniform was mandatory for each male attending Our Lady of […]

Easter Finery

My mother instilled in her children the desire to look good. “It’s one thing to be broke and quite another to look broke.” I got dressed up in her honor for Easter. A suit and tie. I’m sure that would make her happy in the Here-Before. Now all I have to do is shave off […]

Blue Valentine

Ban Top Knots

I haven’t cut my hair in months. It’s growing, but slowly. The front locks almost reach the end of my nose. My hopes of rehippiedom are seemingly only a dream, but if my tresses get long, I will never bun it or put it in a top knot. I’m just not that kind of guy […]

La Eleganza

La Eleganza said hip without having to spell it in big letters. I had bell bottom trousers with buttons on the split flair, but no one in Boston ever wore these bold threads. Not even in the Sugar Shack, the home of black pimps of the Combat Zone. The house band was George Clinton’s Funkadelics. […]