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Duro Olowu @ Salon 94

Nigerian Designer, Duro Olowu presented Last evening I attended the opening of Duro Olowu, a Nigerian fashion designer. I had almost blown off the event, except I had spent the entire day writing ALMOST A DEAD MAN and needed a break from my novel about a black pimp in Hamburg. Samantha McEwen had two pieces […]

Trench Coat And Bare Legs

Humphery Bogart immortalized the gaberdine trenchcoat in the 1942 film CASABLANCA. Millions of men have copied his style over the years with success, because a knee-length trench coat transformed most wearers into men and wowmne of mystery. According to Wikipedia the trench coat offered an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats worn by British and […]

Happy XXXMas

Bordelle, the high-end lingerie line, came out with Christmas delights. One 18K-plated girdle dress will cost over $7000 in London’s Selfridges department store. There are less expensive options for a rich man to offer his mistress. Fashion stylist Sasha Lilic asked, “Would you spend $7000 on lingerie?” My answer was simple. “I’d spent it to […]

Rue St. Denis Ancien

Back in the 80s voluptuous valkyries lined Rue St. Denis to sell their bodies for sex. Their wardrobe favored tight leather sheaths and plastic dominatrix outfits. Most of the whores on the old Roman road were not young, few were beautiful, however their faithful clientele sought satisfaction in droves. After work at the Bains-Douches I […]

Thai Etiquette (dressing to impress)

Back in the 1970s Miami Beach was a neglected beach resort populated mostly by ancient retirees in moldy art-deco apartment buildings. The male of the elderly snowbird species ate at Wolfie’s Deli sporting Sta-press shirts polyester plaid trousers and gleaming white shoes, while strolling along the beach, hoping to meet a blue-haired widow with a […]