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Trumpards Trust Pedophiles

It is impossible to speak reason with Trumpards. They refuse to recognize the evil of the God-President. He is not a traitor. It is smarter than the rest of us. Covids is a scam. Black Lives Matter is an anarchist organization dedicated to destroying the centuries-old rule of the White Race over the World. His […]

No Safe Place For The Rich

This past May 29 demonstrators surrounded the White House. The 12 or the police were overwhelmed by the protests and Donald Trump left the Oval Office for the subterranean presidential bunker. Trump reported to the Media that the chicken-shit speed freak had descended to inspect the underground shelter for a tiny amount of time. Attorney […]

A Nascar Noose For Bubba

NASCAR properly responded to the current Black Lives Matter protests by banning the Stars and Bars Rebel Flag from display at race events, outraging their Dixie fans. A few days later the organization’s only African-American racer walked into Talladega Superspeedway’s Garage # 4 to be informed that the yank rope to the garage door was […]

The Fairy Village of MackWorth Island

In May of 2012 I traveled north to Maine with my sister and her husband. Our destination was their cabin on Watchic Pond. David and I installed the dock in the frigid water as mosquitos attacked our flesh. The entire operation lasted an hour and neither of us complained about the cold. We even celebrated […]


The curfew comes for the old French phrase ‘couvre-feu’ meaning ‘cover fire’. William The Conqueror adopted the Middle Ages ‘curfeu’ to call on the people to extinguish the household fires to prevent conflagrations. 8PM was the normal hour for the curfeu. Same as declared by Mayor DeBlasio and Governor Cuomo this afternoon, but these corrupt […]