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Sleeplessness 101

Ten years ago my younger sister and I were sitting at her kitchen table. She handed me a clipping from the Boston Globe and pointed out an ad requesting volunteers for a medical survey on sleeplessness. “Beth Israel is paying $1500 to those candidates completing the 10-day experiment.” “$1500. That’s a good wage for two […]

Genocide In Yemen

In 2015 the Houthis were on the verge of defeating the Saudi-backed forces of ousted President Hadi. An airlift provided arms and munitions to the troops and air attacks commenced after a Houthi commander supposedly boasted that his soldiers were poised to invade Saudi Arabia. Since then the Kingdom has waged all-out war on their […]

No Freedom Of Speech for Nazis

Last year hundreds of far right extremists gathered in Charlottesville VA to protest the removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee. The city mayor refused to grant a permit to the various alt-right groups, however the ACLU argued that the ban was an infringement on the 1st Amendment and a judge from the […]

Treason Is Not Just A Word

Relations with our allies had suffered after a disastrous G7 conference in Quebec. Donald Trump complained about having to travel to Canada as a distraction from his upcoming Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Donald threatened the EEU with tariffs and then cut short his participation to cross the globe to the Orient. […]

The Mysterious Bronx River

Donald Trump has been unstoppable in his assault of nature from defunding the EPA to banning the term ‘Global Warming’ in government releases, and rolling back the protective codes enacted over the last half-century. The GOP are happy as pigs in shit by the end to environmental strictures against pollution of water, air, and land. […]