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Statues of Trump

For the final five days of February over a thousand die-hard Conservative White GOP adherents attended the CPAC conference in Orlando, Florida. A large gold-painted fiberglass statue of Trump greeted the conventioneers filing into the Hyatt Regency, creating an instant star for the faithful Despicables. Selfies were free for MAGA supporters. A California-based artist created […]

Over And Out – Senor Trump

Over the previous two months following the 2020 Election Trump, GOP politicians, and right-wing news stations had been very vocal about accusing the Democrats of having manipulated the counting of votes. Scores of lawsuits were filed by Republican lawyers against the results in Arizona, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. None of them were accepted […]

Sleeplessness 101

Twelve years ago my younger sister and I were sitting at her kitchen table. She handed me a clipping from the Boston Globe and pointed out an ad requesting volunteers for a medical survey on sleeplessness. “Beth Israel is paying $1500 to those candidates completing the 10-day experiment.” “$1500. That’s a good wage for two […]

We Are So Fucked

In the first days of March 2020 I stood on Kilimanjaro with the Kili Iniitative Climb group. Once again I did not summit. At dawn I descended from the 16000 feet camp across the Saddle to the Horombo camp, where I met my friend Pendaeli. The Tanzanian park ranger said, “You can get the Internet […]

The Concession Speech of FDTrump

The pollster and mainstream media predicted a sweeping victory for Joseph Biden, however on November 2, 2020 the supporters of FDTrump turned out in record numbers to win the Florida and Ohio electoral votes. I stay up late and watched the counts from Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania teeter-totter between the two candidates. FDTrump was outraged […]