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800,000 Years Ago

The last Ice Age ended 20,000 years ago. Earth underwent a natural heating process for almost 19,800, but the atmosphere has been filled with carbon emission from the Industrial Age into the present Plague of Consumerism. The last time the atmosphere had 400 ppm of carbon was 800,000 years ago. Homo Sapiens did not exist, […]

Global Warming Warning On The River Kwai

Recently my wife daughter dog and I toured the River Kwai. The  deforested mountains were sported plumes of smoke from where  farmers were burning the slopes to cut back vegetation for orchards. When I mentioned this violation to the rangers at the forestry station, they shrugged with ineffectiveness. “Mai mi alai samlat yut fi mai.” They had no way […]

DIY Proof Of Global Warming’s Danger

The Earth is a finite planet. Global denialists argue that Man’s greed has endangered our existence. I ask them to take a simple DIY test Go to your garage and close the door. Start your car. Put on your favorite tune. Twenty minutes later you are dead. The proof. DIY. All Global denialists should take […]

The Last Tree in the World

The right have long suspected Global Warming as a propaganda device foisted on the masses to prevent them from riding SUVs, but these millions of fat people sweat too much, which is the main cause for the temperature rise. I’m also overweight, although most of it is beer bloat. If you are not part of […]

Au Revoir Paris

The Mendenhall Glacier outside of Juneau was called the Sitaantaago by the local Tglinit tribes. The fifteen mile-long ice mass is located 12 miles from my house here. The bus can get me there in thirty minutes, although a tramp of 3-4 hours is required to reach the western glacier. A week ago I hiked […]