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Before and Now and Thereafter

Long ago Long before Taylor Swift Man became Man How does not matter As what does not matter We existed Prey for all animals Saber-Toothed tigers, crocodiles, mosquitos ad infinitum Man was not atop the feeding chain Man was not on the bottom What saved us We smelled bad We tasted worst. And we learned […]

Plastic Ocean

Plastic Everywhere Fort Greene Park Farmers’ Market On a rainy Saturday Morning After Friday’s Noahic rains. People shopping for the vegetables Artesian breads and meats Fruits. At a stand A middle-aged progressive Blissfully packs Apples into Plastic bags “Do you where that goes?” I ask. Stumped by the unexpected question, I answered for him, “To […]

Day Five Forty Days of Rain

In Genesis 7:4 Yahweh said four thousand years ago, “For in seven days I will send rain on the earth forty days and forty nights, and every living thing that I have made I will blot out from the face of the ground.? In early September the Eastern Seaboard had been torched by a heat […]

The Future of Now

In the Age of Species Reassignment We seem to stand alone Detached from the us Embraced by the Me.ness of the Constant Now. We breathe poisoned air We eat poisoned food Plastic covers the Earth The oceans die The stars disappear from view. The world population in 2050 500 million I will be 98 Will […]

We Are Alone

And the Aliens thought themselves Gods Divine beings destined for the stars Traveling in Hydrogen-fission spacecraft On a Holy mission To spread the Word To the Heathen Extra-Terrestrials The first meeting happened long ago Hunters greeting tri-podites They taught us life Now we ready for the Bible-jihad We are Gods in our minds. More Shiva […]