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Thai School Uniforms

Memory is in details and I can remember exactly what I was wearing the day JFK was murdered in Dallas. A white shirt, sky-blue tie, navy-blue trousers, a black belt, and black shoes. Every boy in my class wore the same outfit. In fact the uniform was mandatory for each male attending Our Lady of […]

More Is Not Necessarily More

A friend recently castigated my writing with the criticism that I was a sloppy writer. He was speaking the truth and I said, “My father always thought that I was sloppy too.” “You end up writing too much.” Dannett was editor for a famed newspaper’s obit section. “Sometimes more is more.” “I wish that you […]

PASSING GRADE by Peter Nolan Smith

My older brother worked too much. Frunk had a big house on Milton Hill and I was in Boston to visit my father. Frunk was at his office, as were most lawyers in Boston on a weekday. “Meet me at Durgin Park.” I loved their chowder. “Can’t.” He sounded stressed. “What about Jacob Wirth?” Their […]

Bad Math 101

Americans are not very good in Math. According to OECD 15 year-old US students are ranked # 37th in the world behind Hungary, Israel, Norway. 1 + 1 = 2 is a difficult concept to the Land of the Free. And forget about 3-D grafts. Dunce caps for most of the class. And students favorite […]

New Words for the Modern Age

Every year Webster Dictionary enters modern slang into the lexicon of the English language. Most English speakers are light years ahead of the educational tome in their depravity, but here are some words which might make it into the 2012. 1. Intaxication: Euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until you realize it was […]