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Step # 1 Normalization From Covid 19

This early evening a soaking rain has cleared the streets of Brooklyn. Bad weather keeps people in their houses and apartments. New York has been locked down since 8pm March 16 per order of the governor and mayor. That evening I closed the 169 Bar with my comrades and since then I have been isolation. […]

Moi Pendant Les Temps de le Peste

In 1947 Gailliard published Albert Camus’ LE PESTE or THE PLAGUE. The novel tells a tale of the Bubonic Plague hitting the Moroccan city of Oran. The citizens first notice dead rats in the streets and then people exponentially succumbed to the deadly epidemic. The Prefect at first slow to understand the enormity of the […]

UnSanta Con

For decades St. Patrick’s Day ruled the ethnic holidays for least loved by New Yorkers. Puerto Rican Day ran a distant unrivaled second, until Santa.con was celebrated by drunken men in Santa outfits. At first the gatherings were small, but in 2012 30,000 Santas rampaged through New York and the people of that city learned […]

Taking A Friend Home

On the night of April 15, 1912 the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg on her maiden voyage across the North Atlantic. < Three hours later the unsinkable White Star ocean liner disappeared from sight beneath the sea. Only 20% of the passenger and crew survived the disaster. According to the Bowdoin online magazine one of […]

The Fire Of Rampant Consumerism

In October 1973 an industrial neighborhood in Chelsea, Massachusetts was burned to the ground after a row of chemical storage warehouses burst into flames. The fire could be seen from fifteen miles away in the Blue Hills, but that conflagration was nothing in comparison to the last week’s toxic waste fire at Ruihai Logistics in […]