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Yellow Teeth – Part 1

SEMI-FICTION by Pascha Ray I’ve been arrested several times in my life. Age 12 for vandalizing an abandoned missile base. Age 21 for driving over a bed of flowers at a girl’s college. Age 25 in NY for running an after hour club. Age 31 in Paris for writing a love poem on the British […]

Check Bin Ka

Fabo and I were sitting in the garden of the Welkome Inn. He was drinking Heineken and I was supping a cold San Miquel Lite. Unexpectedly two unordered bottles arrived at the table. The waitress explained that a girl had received ten million Zaire Francs from a customer and rung the bell for the entire bar. […]

When I’m 55

I turned 55. I never thought I’d be this old, however everyone here in Thailand says, “You not old. Not old same Thai.” This would be comforting, except the Thais are very gracious liars. I know the truth. My knees are shot and I don’t think I can outrun my 3 year-old daughter much longer, then […]

Happy Ending – Dognapping Pattaya

Champoo my dog had been missing over a day. My wife said she had probably been stolen, but also suspected the little Tzit-Tzhu might have been left behind during my travels. To be honest I couldn’t remember when I had seen the dog last. My wife and I handled Champoo’s disappearance with different temperaments. I […]

NYC New York – JUNE 2006

It’s been two years since I’ve been back in New York and everyone asks if I see anything different. First it’s colder than I remember, second I have to wear shoes and soxes too, third beers cost about 240 baht at a bar, and lastly young girls don’t smile at me. In fact they scowl […]