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Neanderthal Future

Why are we here on a suddenly threatening planet? Mother Earth. It is not because the Chinese ate bats in Wuhan. We are to blame, for having destroyed this loving blue ball in Space. No humans can accept this truth. Not while they are driving fucked-up SUVs, eating poison potato chips, and drinking shitty rich […]

The Meaning of Pure

This is a video of my story THE MEANING OF PURE. In 1995 I crosse the Himalayas and traveled to Benares. Swimming in the Ganges washed away your sins. My bath in the Mother of India was dedicated to my baby brother who had passed from AIDS earlier in the summer. Michael Charles Smith comes […]

Old Sol’s Cosmic Vortex

Man has gazed into the stars for millions of years from the time of Richard Leakey’s Lucy in Africa to the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon into the Druids’ sun meters at Stonehenge to present-day astronomers surveying the galaxy and beyond with orbiting telescopes and earthbound radio transmitters. For most of that time the earth was considered […]

Happy Monkey Year 2016

Monkeys are tricky. Move fast. Move with bananas, otherwise you’ll be pelted with monkey shit and that shit stinks. image by tristam de quatremere

Captain Tom To Ground Control

My telephone rarely rings from day to day. Young people have abandoned conversation in favor of texting. They avoid face to face encounters, preferring to communicate with friends thousands of miles away rather than the person next to tem at a dinner table. Even more disturbing is their devotion to sending selfies in the billions […]