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Captain Tom To Ground Control

My telephone rarely rings from day to day. Young people have abandoned conversation in favor of texting. They avoid face to face encounters, preferring to communicate with friends thousands of miles away rather than the person next to tem at a dinner table. Even more disturbing is their devotion to sending selfies in the billions […]

Genesis 1 Redux

In the beginning there was light and darkness. Even before the beginning there was light and darkness. Neither the light nor the darkness was either good or bad. They were light and darkness. The planets took forever to be part of the light and darkness and water even longer, but they were always there only […]

Heaven On Earth

The world is coming to an end tomorrow according to the old git who founded Family Radio. His followers are entranced by the prospect of being swept up to heaven by celestial sprites. There they’re spend eternity worshiping their God. On their knees too. As a non-believer I prefer my heaven on earth. It’s fairly […]

Phineas Beardsley’s I-Pad 2

Apple announced the release of iPad1 on April 2120. 3 million were sold in less than 3 months. 15 billion dollars in sales. A year later over 15 million iPad1 had hit the market. Immense profits for Apple and the West Coast company stroked the desires of high-techophiles with the debut of iPad2 on March […]

The Glue of the Cosmos

The Universe is a cosmos of mysteries beyond Man’s comprehension. Scientists battled religionists on the story of creation. The Bible versus the Big Bang Theory. Seven days versus seven billion years. I reject both their antiquated offerings in favor of the ‘Always Was’ Factor based on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. E = MC squared. The […]