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ODE TO LOUIE LOUIE “Ah, Louie Lou-ii oh no….” Maybe 1964 or 1965 I don’t remember those days to good these days, but I was in the Boy Scouts of America Trying to get a merit badge for swimming. Camp Adams Pond New Hampshire The counselor shouted “20 laps, one underwater.” “The counselors were strange. […]

Aborted Concorde Landing

My apartment on East 10th Street was a good 45 minute drive from JFK airport. Maybe 12 miles as the crow flies from point A to point B. My building took its time waking up in the morning. The residents worked late and partied till dawn. Not everyone in New York were so dedicated to […]

FDTrump’s Million MAGA Parade

I’m 68 years old. I have been to every state other than North Dakota and Kentucky, where my fther served in Lexington testing radar-directed 20 mm cannons on B-25. The casualty rate was 20-30% depending on weather. He and I have been to Florida, Virginia, New York, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, and all of New […]

Cool Versus Uncool

Barack Obama appeared for a Biden rally and hit 3-pointers. In 2016 Senator Bernie Sanders dropped mid-range jumpers without missing a shot. After a hurricane struck Puerto Rico Donald Trump showed his prowess at flinging toilet paper. Donald is also an expert of sharting in his trousers. Wanker. FDT. DT is so uncool.

James Bond Aston Martin Cool

Sean Connery epitomized cool. Aston-Martin. Saville Row suit. The Alps. GOLDFINGER.