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Yet Another 9/11 Hoax

The circumstances surrounding 9/11 was cloaked with conspiracies and hoaxes. Many people believe that the US government brought down the Twin Towers with the help of the Israeli military or that the planes were drone jets and not commercial liners. Everyone with a half a brain has questioned the discovery of hijacker Mohammad Atta’s passport […]


A black Suburban headed west on Route 2 at the top of Lake Michigan. The late afternoon traffic was light and no state troopers cruised the two-laner traversing the Upper Peninsula. The driver was cruising at 85, then stamped on his brakes upon spotting a white van parked in the Wonderland Diner parking lot. The […]

The Mormon Right Of Way

The Paiutes traditional hunting grounds in Southern Nevada were usurped by Mormom colonists in the 1870s. The well-watered land along the Colorado was especially appealing to the polygamous sects and Edward Bunker, who is no relation to Archie Bunker, founded Bunkerville in 1877 to establish a commune based on shared labor. It lasted four years […]

MH370 Malaysia

Two weeks ago Malaysia Air flight MH370 disappeared from radar between Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The news media first suspected a crash and an intense search was conducted in the Gulf of Siam without finding any debris. Family and friends of the 293 passengers and crew wanted answers. Malaysian authorities had none. Several days passed […]

Big Ears

The NSA has existed as an electronic intelligence organization since World War I. The Cipher Bureau sought to analysis the coded messages of the German High Command for the naval convoys seeking to evade U-boats in the North Atlantic. According to Wikipedia on July 5, 1917 the unit consisted of Herbert O. Yardley and two […]