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During the late 1960s and early 1970s I played pinball at the arcades on Boston’s Washington Street. My skills flourished and I competed against older wizards on machines such as Centrigrade 37 and Strikes and Spares. We loved the lights and bells accompanying our struggle to prevent the steel ball from ever dropping into the […]


This past month I had been trying to sell a 1.25 diamond. Phoning Gene was impossible and he didn’t return texts, however the young tech lawyer was very prompt with responses to emails. “No one speaks on the phone anymore.” I wrote him and Gene responded, “Super old people use payphones/landlines, old people use Cell […]

Eyes In The Sky

The FAA announced plans to allow Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas and Virginia to test drones for commercial use starting in 2015. The BBC reported that the head of the FAA, Michael Huerta, said safety would be the priority as it considers approval for unleashing the unmanned aircraft into US skies to provide […]

Microsoft Team 1978

There were still hippies in 1978. Find Bill Gates. Clue; He’s wearing glasses. The kicker on this photo is WOULD YOU HAVE INVESTED IN THIS COMPANY IN 1978 If you had, you are richer than Croesus.

RIP Steve Jobs / 1950 Something – Now

Steve Jobs came out with a box-ready computer and changed the world. His public adored how he touched their lives. The outpouring has been extraordinary, but Sam Royalle of Pattaya had a good question to pose the people at Apple. “Has anybody at Apple checked if Steve Jobs isn’t on Airplane Mode?”