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Out Like A Lamb To Slaughter

There is no flattening of the curve. Not under this government. Democratic or GOP. Bill Gates wants us all dead, so he can be served by robots. We are not slaves. Kill the rich. The Tsar and his family never came back to rule Russia. ps the first people to go in a revolution are […]

Untying The Knot Of Thai Wires

Last year Microsoft’s Bill Gates visited Thailand and upon seeing the tangles of wires hanging over the streets complained about the masses stealing electricity from the power companies. The Harvard drop-out is considered to be one of the richest men in the world and in his youth spent hours developing new phones and computers, so […]

Two Negatives Do Not Add Up To A Positive

In simple Math multiplying two negatives result in a positive sum, however -1 + -1 = -2 and earlier in the month internet panic-mongerers announced that the multinational agriculture giant Monsanto ie Thorne Enterprises of THE OMEN had purchased a mercenary army from Academi aka XE or the infamous Blackwater renowned worldwide for pedophilia in […]

Microsoft Team 1978

There were still hippies in 1978. Find Bill Gates. Clue; He’s wearing glasses. The kicker on this photo is WOULD YOU HAVE INVESTED IN THIS COMPANY IN 1978 If you had, you are richer than Croesus.