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NO SWIMMING ALLOWED by Peter Nolan Smith

The weather report for September 9, 2001 posted a sultry warm day for the lingering summer of 2001. My friend Alia had transported a Porsche Boxer from the UK. Her high-octane convertible was awaiting clearance at the Newark Customs. The British diplomat asked me to accompany her to the Jersey docks and I agreed on […]


A Chicago-based writer commented on my entry entitled JEW CANOE. Cancer Bitch said… Thanks a lot for contributing to the anti-Semitic stereotype of the cheap Jew. I responded, “No worries, glad to be of service, but you’re sloshing the paint in the wrong direction. Some of my best friends are Semites.” I wondered how she […]

A Jew Canoe

Cool Boring Car

I took a stupid online test about ‘What Car Are You?” A Rolls-Royce Phantom. I posted the result on my young niece’s FB page and her equally young friend commented, “Totally boring.” Not the art-deco 1935 Phantom. The 120 horse-power engine powered the elegant lines of the massive Rolls-Royce. Not built for speed, but an […]

Slingshot Dragster 1954

The other day an old nightclub owner was denigrating the influence of Islamic thought on civilization. “They really created nothing.” “What you mean nothing?” I didn’t mention that algebra succinctly meant ‘reunion of broken parts’ in Arabic. “No rockets, no telephones, no TVs.” “That’s all crap.” “Crap?” John and I liked to argue. “Yes, plus […]