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Thai New Year’s Traffic Festival

When I was young, the radio listed the national traffic deaths over the most traditional holidays. Being patriotic the America scored the highest fatalities on the 4th of July. New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day came never close. These announcements were designed to warn the public about the dangers of driving drunk and thanks [...]

Richard’s Ride

Back in the 90s I ran into Richard Hell in the West Village. He was getting into a purple Barracuda. Cynthia Sley from the Bush Tetras was wowed by the car. Me too. It was very cool and he was a legend. Just listen to BLANK GENERATION

Fugly Americans

When I was young, I shopped at different stores for different gifts. Your choices were delights. The prices were good and the quality guaranteed the products might last six months or more. Sam Walmart and his family has eliminated the corner stores, the main streets of America, and the curio stores by a scorched-earth policy [...]

An American Romance

America was the first nation to fall in love with the car. Henry Ford’s assembly lines produced affordable vehicles for the masses. Gas was cheap and roads were open. The number of automobiles rocketed from hundreds to thousands to millions. The present number of cars in the USA is over 300 million, however more and [...]

NO SWIMMING ALLOWED by Peter Nolan Smith

September 9, 2001 posted a sultry warm day for the lingering summer of 2001. My friend Alia had transported a Porsche Boxer from the UK. Her high-octane he convertible was waiting for clearance at the Newark Customs. The British diplomat asked me to accompany her to the docks and I agreed on the stipulation that [...]