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Jamal Shabazz at House of Art

House of Art Gallery established in 2007 is a contemporary fine art gallery that markets, promotes and sells the work of visual artists. The gallery represents artists in the primary market specializing in emerging, mid-career, and established artists. Our collection primarily consists of original works of art featuring a multitude of genres with a focus […]

For Peter, on Dark Illusions and Giddy Phantoms by Irene Zimmerman

Dear Peter, sometimes, when I am sitting on the subway or walking past an ugly park or eating eggs while I wait to move my laundry to the dryer I wonder why it is that I only seem to write when there is conflict spheres of energy at war with each other inside me but […]

Weird Womb Tonight

Tonight at Friends and Lovers in Brooklyn. 641 Classon Avenue. 10pm. Come Sober. Leave Drunk. Weird Womb plays as good as they look. To see WEIRD WOMB please go to this URL

Sugar Sugar

Sugar has been a mainstay of the world’s diet since Indian farmers discovered how to refine sugar cane into granules. The West Indies were famous for their sugar plantations and ships sailed north to deliver raw sugar to New York harbor and Domino Sugar. The Domino Sugar factory has dominated the Brooklyn waterfront since the […]

The View Along Schermerhorn Street

The empty lots around downtown Brooklyn are disappearing fast. A blue wall guards this site and small square windows allow a view on the foundation work. I suspect the developer will build a hi-rise condo. People want to live downtown. There are subways going everywhere and the stores along the Fulton Mall serving the black […]