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Goodbye Columbus Day

Before the arrival of Christo Columbo in 1492, the New World was filled with empires, confederations, republics, city-states, and tribal lands. These diverse peoples represented a broad scattering of cultures. The population of the two connected continents has been estimated by modern historians to be approximately twenty-five million people from the Bering Straits to the […]

ROSH A HOMA by Peter Nolan Smith

Last night I sat in Frank’s Lounge with Vince. The owner’s nephew and I were discussing a teaching position as a creative writer. It sounded good and the Fort Greene native said, “Hell, I have a four day weekend thanks to Rush a homa.” “You mean Rosh Hashanah?” My boss from the Diamond District also […]

THE CALL OF WILD by Peter Nolan Smith

My life was once ruled by the night. I haunted concerts, bars, clubs, and parties from dusk to dawn from the 60s into the 90s. My retirement occurred around the turn of the century and the birth of my children completed the process, for I feared the Chris Rock’s curse of being the oldest man […]

Gowanus Wonders

The mighty and mysterious Gowanus Canal. Subway tracks. The high view. The Bridges. Big truck. Side channel. Trash. The bridge. Angles. Lost under the bridge. Empty road. Red wall.

Rockaway Crash

Yesterday I licked my hangover wounds most of the day, but around 4 in the afternoon I decided to bicycle to the Rockaways. AP, my landlord, cautioned that a passing tropical depression might have churned the waves into a maelsturm of riptides and shore dumpers. I checked the surf report. The ocean looked calm and […]