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Who Be Old

My doctor wrote “…is an elderly man.” Elderly! Elderly!! Elderly!!!Be I’ve been called ‘sir’ I have been called ‘old man’ Young latinos call me ‘Papi’ Okay Not so okay But elderly??? Yeah I am what I is An elderly old man But my eyes have improved to the point Where I see what we have […]

Willis Reed – The Knicks Legend – RIP

Willis Reed, the New York Knicks’ greatest player, passed last week. With him at center the Knicks won two won championships. The team has been cursed under the ownership of the amateur guitarist, James Dolan, but Knicks fans old enough had to have shed a teat remembering Reed walking out of the dressing room before […]

Journal Entry – December 25, 1977

Dec. 25, Boston. Yesterday after dancing at the 1270 Kevin and I ate Monte Cristo sandwiches at Ken’s Steak House on Boylston Street. The nineteen year-old played bass for the Mumps and like most young people he had with more future and less of a past than me, but we talked freely about punk and […]

The Ghosts Of Neanderthals

I have wandered through the caves near our rice farm in Ban Nok, Thailand. I shut off my light to be immediately cast into utter darkness. Not even a Neanderthal could’t see their hand in such complete blackness. The creation legend from the Old Testament’s Genesis claimed that on the first day of Creation Elohim […]