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Goodbye Columbus Day

Before the arrival of Christo Columbo in 1492, the New World was filled with empires, confederations, republics, city-states, and tribal lands. These diverse peoples represented a broad scattering of cultures. The population of the two connected continents has been estimated by modern historians to be approximately twenty-five million people from the Bering Straits to the […]


“Salvador Dali seduced many ladies, particularly American ladies, but these seductions usually consisted of stripping them naked in his apartment, frying a couple of eggs, putting them on the woman’s shoulders and, without a word, showing them the door.” This quote was uttered by Luis Bunuel. The famed surrealistic film maker was a renown sophisticated […]

Dante’s Statue in Lincoln Center

Walking to the Empire Hotel I spotted a badly-lit statue before Lincoln Center. I wandered onto the grass and was surprised to see a plaque for Dante, the legendary poet of The Inferno. The Middle Age Tuscan poet has been credited with the creation of the modern Italian language. I love his description of Satan. […]

A View Of Kaaterskil

A young Thomas Cole traveled to the Catskill Mountain House in the 1820s. He painted many scenic views of the mountains. The view from his house from 1827 was captured in View Near the Village of Catskill. I have stood on the porch. Time remains the same now and it was then.

Jocko Weyland “Vagabond” Show at Kerry Schuss Gallery

Metal and leaves, concrete and plastic, trees and trains, scrap heaps and decaying drive-ins, parking lots and telephone wires, luminescent polluted water and cranes, bridges, overgrown tennis courts, and public housing in the distance, Everything is something as the most ordinary objects and prospects are saturated with detail and nuance. Things, places, views. Taken between […]