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Closing The Go Go Bars

I liked old go-go bars. My first was the 2 O’Clock Lounge in Boston’s Combat Zone. 1971. Drums, bass organ, sax, stripper. Paradise. I hate gentlemen clubs. They have no class. Not like the old school.

LSD Surreal

My father and mother took their children to view Pablo Picasso paintings during the 60s. He inspected one drawing and said that I was as skilled as the Spaniard, since my grammar school war paintings had won honorary mention at the diocesan art show in 1964. Picasso at that age was studying figure drawing and […]

The Genius Of Picasso

Some artists are good at everything.

Pablo Was No Asshole

Pablo Picasso’s career spanned decades, highlighted by GUERNICA depicting the fascist bombing of the Basque city. I saw the anti-war painting once. Maybe at the Modern Art Museum in New York. His ‘blue’ period painting were easier to hang on a wall than his Goya knock-off, but I’d love an Picasso, for the only valuable […]

Bryan LeBouef – Plato’s Cave – NYC Main Public Library

I’ll be there Monday.