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15 SECONDS WITH ANDY WARHOL by Peter Nolan Smith

When I was a kid, Campbell’s Tomato Soup tasted home-made, especially if milk was added as suggested by the directions. Everyone ate it in 1964; the rich, the poor, the in-between, and twelve year-old boys like me, so I was pleased to read in LIFE Magazine that a New York artist had painted large portraits […]

Frank Holliday – Singapore Sex/Art Show

Isn’t all Art about Sex? Go see Frank. He and I tried to vandalize Fiorucci during the 1978 New York Blackout. He’s one of us.

DANNY’S LOT BY Jocko Weyland – Book Opening – Tonight

This evening from 6-8 the infamous Jocko Weyland, curator of Tucson’s ICM, will have an opening for his photo homage to his old friend, Danny, at Dashwood Books – 33 Bond Street – Between Lafayette and the Bowery. I’ll be there with Dakota from Weird Womb.

Peanut Butter and Jelly by the painter Frank Holliday

Peanut Butter and Jelly by the painter Frank Holliday. Out at his Bushwick studio.

DEMO DERBY Paintings by Jane Dickson / Writing by Peter Nolan Smith

On a summer night in 1969 a high school friend Dave Quaan drove my older brother, next-door neighbor and me to Norwood Arena in his family’s station wagon. The Ford Country Squire hit its top speed of 115 on Route 128. We got off the highway onto US 1 and headed south to a ball […]