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ADAM AND EVE by Charlotta Jansen

Charlotta Jansen at the Sphinx Gallery in London tonight with her painting ‘Adam & Eve, Greene County, GA 1941′. She is one of 30 artists up for the Young Masters Prize. I love her work. 125 Kensington Church St London W8 7LP United Kingdom +44 20 7313 8040

Goodbye Columbus Day

Before the arrival of Christo Columbo in 1492, the New World was filled with empires, confederations, republics, city-states, and tribal lands. These diverse peoples represented a broad scattering of cultures. The population of the two connected continents has been estimated by modern historians to be approximately twenty-five million people from the Bering Straits to the […]

Serious Art

Damn, cool finger painter.

Signori Mona Lisa

The religious right likes to think that homosexuality is a modern phenomena, however men have loved men for time immemorial and no love was stronger than Leonardo da Vinci than his for Salfi, his muse for Mona Lisa. Scholars have sought the identity of the cryptic smiler of the famed painting hanging in the Louvre. […]

HERMAPHRODITE by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in the early 80s the Louvre belonged to art historians and lovers of the finer things in life. Few common people visited the former Bourbon palace and once a week I wandered the museum’s dusty corridor without any disturbance to my admiration of its vast collection. At that time I was le psychionomiste of […]