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Jocko Weyland Opening in Konstanz

This weekend Master skateboarder/artist/curator Jocko Weyland will be exhibiting his newest works in Switzerland. If I were close, I would go. Here’s the info. Axel Görger & Jocko Weyland @ Holz & Beton Kunstausstellung Neuwerk , Großer Saal Oberlohnstrasse 3 78467 Konstanz Vernissage / tunes by Sergeant Pfeffer : Saturday 05.04.2014 / 20.00 Finissage / [...]

Colussus By David Henderson

Dead artists rule the art market. Picasso, Dali, Warhol go for millions. The wealthy buyers feel safe spending money on bona fide masterpieces, because they don’t have the time to develop passion about living painters, sculpturers, or writers. I’m dead broke. My wallet has $20 in it. My refrigerator has food and two beers. For [...]

CARDBOARD NOIR by Charlotta Janssen/Shannon Greer

Art: Charlotta Janssen Photography: Shannon Greer Text: Peter Nolan Smith Styling: Liz Teich Grooming: Sabrina Rowe Digital Tech: Robert Bredvad Model: Brock Gloor

CARDBOARD NOIR by Shannon Greer and Charlotta Janssen

Earl looked out the window. Grady’s gang was out on the street. The mobster wanted his moll. Helen was safe in the hotel room. The shadows on Broadway offered too many endings to this story. I hit the pavement running. My gat was good for one-on-one. I needed serious back-up to deal with a gang. [...]

GLITTER GULCH by Jane Dickson

Last week the Painter Jane Dickson sent an invite to collective show organized by artist and writer John Miller at Metro Pictures Gallery this evening. According to the press release “Bad Conscience” was featuring artists with whom Miller has collaborated in the past or maintains regular dialogue. The paintings, photographs and moving images included in [...]