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Le Livre de Philippe Waty

The Steamin’ Musselmen or les Muselmans Fumant were an artistic troupe de force in Paris through the 1980s and 1990s. Philippe Waty co-founded the group and his vibrant iconography adorned the walls of the abandoned city quarters. Philippe painted with the spirit of Chester Hines’s Black America matched by his collaborators; Fabrice Langlade, Tristam de […]

Poop Pop Art

Last week I found this small painting on South Oxford Street near the fort Greene Observatory. My landlord made a face upon seeing ‘Poop’ and I said, “I have a plan.” I’ve always loved the sublime nihilism of Duchamp’s toilet seat and Piero Manzoni’s ‘Shit in a Can’, but felt both works were missing ‘je […]

ADAM AND EVE by Charlotta Jansen

Charlotta Jansen at the Sphinx Gallery in London tonight with her painting ‘Adam & Eve, Greene County, GA 1941′. She is one of 30 artists up for the Young Masters Prize. I love her work. 125 Kensington Church St London W8 7LP United Kingdom +44 20 7313 8040

Goodbye Columbus Day

Before the arrival of Christo Columbo in 1492, the New World was filled with empires, confederations, republics, city-states, and tribal lands. These diverse peoples represented a broad scattering of cultures. The population of the two connected continents has been estimated by modern historians to be approximately twenty-five million people from the Bering Straits to the […]

Serious Art

Damn, cool finger painter.