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Bible Topless Poolside – North Hollywood 1995

In 1995 Scottie Taylor invited me out to LA to run the door at the Milk Bar in Beverly Hills. As usual the nightclub’s opening was delayed several months. I had no money. Only a credit card from my dear mistress, Ms. Carolina. Scottie and I lived on about $10 a day and the occasional […]

Staten Island Fog – Journal 1978

From May 9, 1978 Journal On the Staten Island Ferry The first time I’ve left Manhattan Since Boston. I can’t see anything of Manhattan. The fog follows the ferry’s wake. The harbor air The gray sea dark as the gray air. The world a maze of opaque sameness. The ferry approaches St. George. The passengers […]

May 10, 1978 – Journal Entry

Antonio and I look out the windows of the Ebasco executive dining room. A thick fog obscures Lower Manhattan, as the last gasps of the winter was strangled by a spring breeze from the south. We have finished with serving lunch and wipe the silverware clean. The Spanish waiter surprises me with a small ball […]

Dating Exodus

The biblical tale Exodus begins at the end of Genesis with Joseph serving as a high ranking advisor to Pharaoh, possibly Ramses II 1200s BCE. Sold into slavery by this brothers Joseph reunited with his family and invited them to move from Canaan in the land of Goshen as shepherds. Historians have found no mention […]

Legong Dancing Ubud Bali 1990