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KILI INITIATIVE 2019 – Loitokitok

Route C103 climbed out of the Tsavo plains towards Loitokitok, a small town beneath the slopes below Kilimanjaro. The two-laner was in better condition than most of the highways in New York City. Nathalia and the rest of the young people bonded with games and stories. I peered out the bus window at the increasing […]

SKIN COLD AS ICE by Peter Nolan Smith

When Lou Reed died seven years ago, a friend called to ask, if I had known the singer. I said, “No.” El-Roy was a pussy hound and asked if I thought Nico was a good fuck. “I don’t know,” I replied and hung up thinking one thing. The Velvet Underground’s singer was probably great in […]

Happy Celtic New Year 5563

The New Year has been celebrated on countless dates throughout history. The Celtic Sahmain in November marked the end of the light half of the year. The Chinese New Year begins with the first lunar month coinciding Tet, the Vietnamese New Year and Losar for Tibet. Most of the other New Years are determined by […]

Mercedes E Class For The 50 Million

The Mercedes-Benz ad for the E Class offers a depopulated vision of future. There is no traffic. There are no people on the streets. Robots drive the E Class. The new slavery without the masses. And you never have to whip a robot to obey an order from the masters. This is your tomorrow. World […]

Hitchhiker Chicks

Hippie chicks hitchhiking are cool. Ax murderers are uncool.