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BLESS ME FATHER by Peter Nolan Smith

My First Holy Communion and Confirmation of Faith to the Catholic Church took place at a church in Maine in 1960. My mother dressed me in white to symbolize the purity of my soul, although she had me wear a red jacket with a black velvet lapel. I had a fight with my best friend […]

The Search for Meaninglessness

I miss you all very much and almost everyone else in the world. Today I physically spoke with three people. The most important was my liquor store owner, Mr. Lee, but not to worry since most of my solitary existence has been devoted to the study of meaninglessness. In vino veritas – Pliny the Elder […]

Boy Scout Shota

In the summer of 1962 my brother and I set out with a large contingent of fellow Boy Scouts for a Sixty-Mile hike in emulation of JFK’s call for a physical resurgence of youthful health. We departed from Adams Pond Camp south of Ossipee, NH and tramped through burnt forests and passed fields filled with […]

Leaving Simba Hut

Morning came early at Simba Hut at 2771 meters above sea level. I had had a bad night, despite my tent having been erected on flat ground without any rocks or stones to disturb with my sleep. My guts had been in full rebellion, thanks to the goat innards soup from the Kibo Lodge BBQ. […]

Amazing Fantasy #15

Spiderman was first featured in Amazing Fantasy #15. August 1962. 12 cents. Today Amazing Fantasy #15 sells for over $50,000. Spiderman #1 costs $40,000 in mint condition. My father ripped up that too. Needless to say I rejected his values as a hippie. This conflict of philosophy made us even years later. My father had […]