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The Sacred Statue Of James T Kirk

Tear down the Confederates and the Indian Killers. One man serves a statue. A man who boldly went where no one went before. Captain James T Kirk.

IN ABSENCE OF AMNESIA – Chapter 7 By Peter Nolan Smith

I returned to Manhattan committed to finding solace as a bachelor. Life was comfortable. My job at a nightclub paid my rent and more. Friends were fun. No highs or lows. The sameness of the days could last forever in most of America, but not New York.< In late April I was driving the Triumph […]

You Can Get There From Here

I love the Maine. It’s the largest state in New England. The northern border is the Allagash River. South the Piscataway separates the Pine State from the New Hampshire Grants along with thick forests, lakes, and mountains to the west. I’ve driven from Kittery to Fort Kent in the dead of winter. Mostly on the […]

The Dangers of Marijuana

REEFER MADNESS was a 1936 film financed by a church group intent on informing American youth about the reputed dangers of marijuana. A ten-minute Google search failed to reveal the name of the church group, however the film’s focus was hijacked by the addition of salacious scenes by an exploitation producer, Dwain Esper, supposedly a […]

Real Fake News

Over the years the mainstream media has cut back on reporters to rely on questionable news from dubious sources. Wolf Blitzer on CNN spent his time on TV for CNN before a blue screen and Bill O’Reilly pontificated on Fox News strictly offering his opinions. Neither seem to check the facts and MSM has followed […]