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Dtik Ang – Stuttering in Thai

My speech problems were many in my youth across the harbor from Portland, Maine. A stutter coupled with a lisp and stammer forced the school authorities of Falmouth Foresides to test my mental competence. The teachers were surprised to discover through a battery of intelligence exams that I was the smartest child within the school […]

IN ABSENCE OF AMNESIA – Chapter 7 By Peter Nolan Smith

After the New Year I returned to Manhattan committed to seek solace as a bachelor. Life was comfortable. My job at a Arthur’s nightclub paid my rent and more. Friends were fun. No highs or lows. The sameness of the days could last forever in most of America, but not New York. In late April […]


September 2020 was a horrible month. Forest fires torched California and Oregon. Trump gathered his devotees to maskless rallies and claimed Covid-19 was nothing to worry about as long as you rejected science in favor of the absolute beleif in the Almighty. Everyday our troops fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and scores of nations across […]

BLESS ME FATHER by Peter Nolan Smith

My First Holy Communion and Confirmation of Faith to the Catholic Church took place at a church in Maine in 1960. My mother dressed me in white to symbolize the purity of my soul, although she had me wear a red jacket with a black velvet lapel. I had a fight with my best friend […]

The Search for Meaninglessness

I miss you all very much and almost everyone else in the world. Today I physically spoke with three people. The most important was my liquor store owner, Mr. Lee, but not to worry since most of my solitary existence has been devoted to the study of meaninglessness. In vino veritas – Pliny the Elder […]