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Leaving Simba Hut

Morning came early at Simba Hut at 2771 meters above sea level. I had had a bad night, despite my tent having been erected on flat ground without any rocks or stones to disturb with my sleep. My guts had been in full rebellion, thanks to the goat innards soup from the Kibo Lodge BBQ. […]

Amazing Fantasy #15

Spiderman was first featured in Amazing Fantasy #15. August 1962. 12 cents. Today Amazing Fantasy #15 sells for over $50,000. Spiderman #1 costs $40,000 in mint condition. My father ripped up that too. Needless to say I rejected his values as a hippie. This conflict of philosophy made us even years later. My father had […]

KILI INITIATIVE 2019 # 4 – Loitokitok

Basquiat Drawing

On a July evening in 1988 I exited from my apartment to get beer from the bodega. Young people hurried to 10th Street bars in expectation of romance or a phone number to call. The men wore khakis and blue button down shirts and the women wore clothes worth a week’s salary. They shouted out […]

July 2, 1776 – Declaration of Independence

After the completion of the Declaration of Independence on June 28, 1776, the writers submitted the hand-written statement to Second Continental Congress meeting at the Pennsylvania State House and Lee’s Resolution for Independence was passed without a dissenting vote. John Adams of Massachusetts wrote his wife that “The Second Day of July 1776, will be […]