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Real Fake News

Over the years the mainstream media has cut back on reporters to rely on questionable news from dubious sources. Wolf Blitzer on CNN spent his time on TV for CNN before a blue screen and Bill O’Reilly pontificated on Fox News strictly offering his opinions. Neither seem to check the facts and MSM has followed […]


After my arrest for copyright infringement in Thailand I had to stick around Pattaya for my court date. Three months without any income. I called my various friends around the world for contributions to my ‘stay out of jail’ fund. There was a schedule to these pleas and in April it was Scottie Taylor’s turn. […]

Nouveau Habs A La Classique de l’Hiver

Last week the Montreal Canadians previewed their Winter Classic uniforms. The Habs will be playing the Bruins in Fenway Park on New Year’s Day 2016. The ‘Ruins also revealed their outfits. May the best team win the game and otherwise the Bs rock the Snowbacks in the fights.

The Dangers of Marijuana

REEFER MADNESS was a 1936 film financed by a church group intent on informing American youth about the reputed dangers of marijuana. A ten-minute Google search failed to reveal the name of the church group, however the film’s focus was hijacked by the addition of salacious scenes by an exploitation producer, Dwain Esper, supposedly a […]

Sitting In The Korova Milk Bar

I loved CLOCKWORK ORANGE, Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 homage to Anthony Burgess’ violent vision of the future. After famed interior designer/sculptor Alan Jones refused to work on the film for free, the director hired set designer John Barry to replicate Alan Jones’ naked female tables and chairs for the movie’s Korova Milk Bar. For years I […]