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Old Black Magic of Siam

O Four years my friend, Pi-Noi, brought his work crew down from Ban Nok to install an air-conditioning system in a Pattaya bar. The 400-kilometer drive gave them a healthy thirst and Pi-noy was happy to be away from his harridan of a wife. The shrew never had a good word for him and like […]

Bobby Orr – Tiger # 4

Bobby Orr has undoubtably been the Greatest Boston Bruin in the modern age. His offensive net-to-net play revolutionized the role of defensemen throughout the NHL. His team won two Stanley Cups in 1970 and 1972, although were thwarted from adding their names to the championship trophy on more than one occasion in the 197os by […]

Le Ville Des Lumiere

Last week Paris was systemically attacked by a gang of Islamic militants from the French and Belgium ghettos. Three teams armed with AK-47s and explosive suicide belts struck the Stade de Paris, the Bataclan nightclub, and several cafes in the 11th arrondisement. Paris was a battle zone for several hours until the police had killed […]

Nouveau Habs A La Classique de l’Hiver

Last week the Montreal Canadians previewed their Winter Classic uniforms. The Habs will be playing the Bruins in Fenway Park on New Year’s Day 2016. The ‘Ruins also revealed their outfits. May the best team win the game and otherwise the Bs rock the Snowbacks in the fights.

The Dangers of Marijuana

REEFER MADNESS was a 1936 film financed by a church group intent on informing American youth about the reputed dangers of marijuana. A ten-minute Google search failed to reveal the name of the church group, however the film’s focus was hijacked by the addition of salacious scenes by an exploitation producer, Dwain Esper, supposedly a […]