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GUNS GUNS GUNS by Peter Nolan Smith

American boys loved guns in the 50s. Plastic weapons lay gift-wrapped under the Christmas tree. Our movie heroes slaughtered the country’s enemies on the silver screen and TV cops performed gun ballets on prime time. Guns were good for the country and America was good to guns. Armed with air rifles my older brother, our […]

Throwing Back Fish

Last weeekend Bushwick was heaving with artists, hipsters, dealers, and tourists enjoying a day of open studios in the rejuvenated industrial wasteland. I had bicycled over to Grattan Street to view a friend’s paintings. Frank Holiday greeted me with surprise. “I’m so happy you showed up.” “As am I.” I quickly examined his new paintings. […]

Rattlesnake Alert

Last week local wildlife officials were called to the Blue Hills south of Boston. A 911 call alerted authorities to the presence of a timber rattlesnake in a populated area. Officers captured the serpent and released into the Great Bog. My sister called me with this information and I asked, “Do you remember the winter […]

NORTH END MIRACLE by Peter Nolan Smith

Every Friday evening throughout the 1960s my mother would drive our station wagon into Boston and pick up my father at 50 Milk Street, where he worked for Ma Bell as an electrical engineer. We would have dinner at a restaurant and then drive back to our suburb on the South Shore. My parents loved […]

Sammy Was Black

Only one black man earned a spot with Sinatra’s Rat Pack in Las Vegas. Sammy Davis Junior. Mister Show Business might have been the token black for the Silent Majority, but Mr. Show Business was well aware of his place in the white world after a stint in the Army. “Overnight the world looked different. […]