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The clouds over Lake Michigan hovered low in the October sky. A black Suburban sped west on Route 2. The driver hadn’t seen a car since leaving St. Ignace and this late in the year no state troopers patrolled the two-laner traversing the Upper Peninsula. He cruised though Nabinway at 85, then stamped on his […]

A Baguette and Butter

In the Sixties on the South Shore my Irish grandmother Nana used to serve her grandchildren sugary tea and buttered Wonder Bread toast upon our return from parochial school. We dipped the crisp slices into the sweet milky tea and each bite revived our bodies and souls from eight hours under the nuns and the […]

IRISH TWINS by Peter Nolan Smith

GUNS GUNS GUNS by Peter Nolan Smith

American boys loved guns in the 50s. Plastic weapons lay gift-wrapped under the Christmas tree. Our movie heroes slaughtered the country’s enemies on the silver screen and tough cops performed gun ballets on prime time TV. Guns were good for the country and America was good to guns. Armed with air rifles my older brother, […]

Paul McCartney Is A Fly

The Beatles released ABBEY ROAD on 26 September 1969. The pop quartet’s eleventh LP was their last and featured such McCartney disasters as “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” and “Oh! Darling”, but was saved by Lennon, Ringo, and George. According Wikipedia shortly after the album’s release, the cover became part of the “Paul is dead” theory that […]