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DREAMS OF TAYLOR by Peter Nolan Smith

The term ‘generation gap’ was coined in the tumultuous post-WWII years, as the focus of the American media swung from the conquerors of the Axis Powers to their spawn, the Baby Boomers. Bing Crosby gave way to Elvis and the King was deposed by the Beatles, as each succeeding wave of teenagers attempted to assassinate […]

Chicken or the Egg

The question ‘which came first the chicken or the egg’ has befuddled mankind for centuries. Philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato have pondered this mystery of circular cause and consequence without satisfaction. Darwin had argued that the chicken came first and lately Stephen Hawking has backed the egg. DNA testing on ancient fossils have failed […]

ONLY A FEW REGRETS by Peter Nolan Smith

“Regrets I have a few, but not too few to mention.”Frank Sinatra sang in MY WAY. I only regret about the things that I have not done for I can live with those I have done; the good, the bad, and the in-between, however other people are not so self-forgiving. In August of 2010 I […]

Stuck In Heathrow

This unplanned trip to London gave me a chance to connect with friends. The past three days were a whirlwind of old faces seen with new places. I told everyone that they looked the same and added the bon-bon compliment, “Have you lost weight?” Even the most jaded of my friends fell for that line, […]

Iowa Caucus 2012

Tomorrow marks the earliest Iowa Caucus since its debut in 1972. No Democrat is challenging President Obama, but a field of seven GOP candidates are vying for the nomination. The three front-runners are comprised of Milt Romney, a moderate, Ron Paul, a radical libertarian, and Rick Santorum from the extreme right.The other participants have failed […]