Palestine Then

During the Great War the French and British sliced up the Ottoman Empire without any interest in creating viable states according to the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement. TE Lawrence was outraged by this betrayal of the two nations’ allies again the Turks. The Mandate of Palestine was given to the English who stood by when the French ousted the Arabs from Damascus and then began to implement the Balfour Declaration to create a national home for the Jewish people alongside the Palestinian Arabs, who were the vast majority of the Mandate’s population. 90%.

Many of my Jewish friends claim that there never was a Palestine.

This map beg to differ.

Prior to 1948 there was no Israel after the Fall of Jerusalem. 40CE.

This conflict in reality allowed a nation and a safe zone to exist for a people, who haven’t had their own land over for almost two thousand years, but few Zionists want to accept that truth that they stole the land from the Palestinians much like Americans do not acknowledge how America was created by the extermination of the Tribes. Up to them. The truth is the truth and Yashim knows the truth.

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