A Day Of No Atonement

Yom Kippur has long been the holiest holiday for Jews around the world. The period of fasting lasts twenty-five hours and eating and drinking, anointing the body with moisturizer or oil, bathing, sexual relations, and wearing leather shoes number the prime rules for atonement for the year’s sins, however Israeli will never atone for the theft of Palestine.

Threatened by the Nazis thousands of Jews fled Europe for the British Mandate.

In 1922 the Jewish inhabitants comprised of 11% of the population. Throughout the 1930s the British waged war against the Palestinians and the refugees from the Holocaust comprised 30.9% of the populations in 1944 setting the stage for the UN Mandate for the existence of a Jewish nation since the the Roman conquest of Judah in 40 AD and the 1948 War in which the Zionists seized most of the land sending millions of Palestinians into exile.

Not once has the Zionist state offered a sorry or a chance for return, adding another prohibition to Yom Kippur, because stealing land is not a sin in the eyes of Zion.

Never to say sorry.

Not once.

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