I never went above 125
Never had no reason
Bad BERNARD beyonded Harlem
To the Bronx.

Torched buildings
Latin gangs
Jankee Stadium.
The hardcore South Bronx.

No one from the punk scene went that far north.
No one from the Upper East Side.
No one from the Village.

Bad BERNARD had his ins.
He had a French press card.
African Bambatta had his back with Zulu Nation’s Peace, love, and having fun.

Bad BERNARD subwayed the Lex Line to the South Bronx.
Bad BERNARD walked to the party.
The security knew him
Everyone knew him.
He was a ticket out of the ruins.
He found talent.
Something no one seen south of Harlem.
Beat boys, rappers, pure poppers, the deadly double dutch, and the grandmasters.

The Wild Style

Adidas AF1s
Track suits
Kangool hats.

Bad BERNARD introduced the South Bronx to Europe.
It wasn’t about money
It wasn’t a hustle
It was about having fun.

I don’t see Bad BERNARD now.
Him Paris Me the streets.
And Rap everywhere.
I shoulda seen it coming.

The soul of the South Bronx
Forever alive.

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