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Last week the FBI searched Trump’s Mar-A-Lago for classified documents from various intelligence agencies such as the CIA and the Pentagon. The right-wing NY Times demanded access to the search warrant issued by the US Attorney General and Merrick Garland released a very edited affidavit, which outlined the reasons for such a high-level invasion of […]

NAKED TO THE COLD SEA by Peter Nolan Smith

In the early 70s We stood on Nauset’s nude beach Hippies not yet punks. A thick ledge of wet seaweed Covered the high tide mark. Off our clothes We lay on the cool green algae Our bare bodies sinking beneath the sludge Comforted by the ocean’s endless bounty Each of us silent Seagulls squatted around […]

Times Asshole – John Tierney of the NY Times

Fourteen years ago John Tierney, a right-wing pundit, had been hired by the NY TIMES to attract readership from the Fox News suburbs. I had been angered at the Times publishing this head-in-the-sand Op-Ed piece. The Grand Old Lady had dropped her knickers for the SUV mass-suicidists of America. I hadn’t written a rebuttal back […]

GHOST OF THE STUMP by Peter Nolan Smith

In the early 90s diamonds were priced to the advantage of the dealers on 47th Street. 50% profit was normal for most stones and my boss Manny gave his sales staff commission based on 5% of the gross. In February of 1991 I had the luck to hook a middle-aged woman looking to buy a […]

Corporate Drug Dealers Scot Free

According to Al_Jazeera a US federal judge in Cleveland awarded $650m in damages Wednesday to two Ohio counties that won a landmark lawsuit against national pharmacy chains CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. Lake County is to receive $306m over 15 years. Trumbull County is to receive $344m over the same period. Polster ordered the companies to […]