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Drunken Bully – C’est Moi

Almost ten years ago my faux-sister Pip was defending 1970s porn star Marc Stevens on Facebook. I caught the thread in mid-stream and joined the fray. Marc and I had and I had almost been lovers. Here’s the exchange; PIP – Marc Stevens was a next-door neighbor and pal…here he is on David Susskind…We partied […]

Modern American Illiteracy

After a four-day stay at NYU Hospital in August I was signed out for release. I dressed in my street clothing, thanked the staff for their care, and descended by elevator to the ground-floor to hit the streets. I spotted a gift store in the main lobby and stopped to get a newspaper or a […]

THE ITCH by Steven Hammer

The first porno book to touch my hands was THE ITCH by Steven Hammer. I must have read the Olympia Press paperback 3000 times between the 1965 and 1969. The author’s blue tales of trisexual liasions between aristocrats warped my tender libido and I rejected virginity as a value. Here’s a passage from that great […]

FINALLY by Peter Nolan Smith

All through the summer of 2014 I had been jokingly asking couples about the chances of us having a menage-a-trois with me. The response varied from disgust to a laughing rejection. I spared no one my query and no one accepted the challenge. The ludicrous proposition was strictly a joke, but last weekend I attended […]


Back in 1990 a greasy nor-easter ruined Columbus Day weekend for New York. I shut my windows for the first time in months and dressed to leave my apartment for breakfast at the Veselka Diner on 2nd Avenue. The shoes and jacket seemed unnaturally heavy after a season of shorts and sandals. Luckily Global Warming […]