The Face Of Madness

The President God has been addressing the American Public about his handling of the Coruna Virus.

The USA leads the world in virus death.

We are # 1.

Trump supporters are calling for a return to normal life.

Back to traffic jams in Vientiane, Laos.

Eating potato chop on the couch.

Texting at a restaurant table with your friends.

Trump has pitched an impassioned plea for for his followers to resume a ‘normal life’.

Bowling Alleys and Baptist Churches have answered his call to liberate America from the Lockdown.

Alex Jones from Info Wars has shouted through a megaphone.


“False News.”

“Liberate the American Economy.”

“God will save us.”

Nuns with guns.

Right wingers with guns.

At least ten of them with the MSM hoping for more to make an easy news days.

There were not more.

The Media loves selling image and sold this photo as the face of rebellion.

Twelve people.

Fuck them.

Young people believe in fire.

The flames of of a Hamptons estate.

I like that as the new normal.

Burn Baby Burn.

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