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Another Day Another Massacre

After the defeat of the Arab forces in 1948, almost a million Palestinian Arabs fled their houses, villages, and cities in fear of the conquering Israelis. This exodus was a trail of tears. The Palestinians called the tragedy Nakba. The victors showed no mercy during the ethnic cleansing of the region. The refugees never were […]

THE EXILE’S POEM by Ezra Pound

Way back in the last century Ezra Pound stumbled on the writings of a 19th Century scholar of Asian Art, Ernest Fenollosa. The historian came from Salem and after graduated from Harvard traveled to Japan with the Orientalist and naturalist Edward Sylvester Morse, who developed a great love for ceramics during his stay at Tokyo’s […]

Away To Rockaway

This last winter had overrun the Spring into late-April. I wore my cold weather gear well into the month. The snow lingered in the shadows. Finally the season gave up the ghost. And then the snow was gone. Flowers bloomed in Brooklyn. Ice cream trucks came out of hiding. Trees bore the pink shade of […]

Happy Mother’s Day From Philly

I wish the bests to all the mother’s in the world. I love you all and nothing says I love my mother like the Intruders I’LL ALWAYS LOVE MY MOMMA. Go to this URL to feel the love. To hear the Intruders’ I ALWAYS LOVED MY MOMMA

Penang Funicular

In 1994 I was stranded in Penang, Malaysia. The magazine for which I had been writing a series of stories about SE Asia had folded without buying my return ticket to the States. I had enough money to stay at the Swiss Hotel $3/night, eat at the Chinese and Indian restaurants on Chulia Street, and […]