Monthly Archives: February 2016

NOT A CHANCE by Peter Nolan Smith

In 1984 I flew home from Paris for Christmas in Boston. After the holiday I headed south to New York. The East Village to be exact. New snow prettifying Tompkins Square Park would be cold dirty slush tomorrow. My apartment was cold. The heat sucked. I had $200. Florida was 1200 miles away. Hitchhiking to […]

Hillary Lookalike

Is it my imagination that Hillary Clinton looks like the leader of the Foundlings from DEEP STAR NINE.

Happy 95th Birthday Poo Frank

My father passed away over five years ago. Today would have been his 95th birthday. Frank A Smith II was my best friend. Still is. He loved my mother and mourned her early passing from this life. My father loved his kids. All six of us. Frank III, Regina, Pam, Patrick, Michael, and me. He […]


Throughout the 60s the Eastern High School hockey tournament was held at the old Boston Arena. Games between bitter rivals packed the stands over the legal capacity of 4600. In the 1968 ECAC semi-finals BC High was pitted Somerville High. Fans from the public high school filled the rinkside seats, while BC High’s following crammed […]

Bowling For Prosperity

Back in the 1980s no one other than Rockets Red Glare was fat and these days he might pass for husky. We loved he nightlife. New York was the capitol of the world. Every place else on Earth was second-rate, except for Paris and Pattaya. Both those cities knew sin. However New York could mix […]