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She was a muse to rock gods. I saw her at CBGBs. I was nothing to her. And I’m nothing today too. Voila le beauté du punk.

In Defense of Spike Lee

An Abraham Lincoln lookalike visited Fort Greene on President’s Day to promote Quicken Loans. They promo team was offering $25 to put a photo of the ersatz Abe and #quickenloans on your Facebook page. I tried on my cellphone without success. The young girl gave me a card for trying and I was to have […]

Never-Ending Winter

Never-Ending Winter Last night I went to sleep at on the top floor of the Fort Greene Observatory. I was wearing a cotton night gown and my cover was a double blanket. The cold seeped through the windows and a little past 3am I woke to a chill. The outside temperature was wavering in the […]

DUSTY Dusty Springfield

Extinct Slush

Yesterday the New York temperature was in the 50s. Dirty snow clung to the sidewalks. Ice refused to melt, but the slush was gone. It got cold again today. And the forecast for Wednesday is for more snow. This winter keeps coming. And the slush now extinct will flow again.