Monthly Archives: February 2013

tanino liberatore en paris

My old comrade and the heroic animator of Lubna from RANXEROX has an opening in Paris. I saw his painting in 2012. If I had the money, I would buy one. Check it out Ouevres sur papiers Galerie Petits Papiers 91 Rue St. Honore Last night was the opening, but what the fuck?

Turned Away Eyes

“For years I have been walking the streets of New York and wondering why women avert their eyes from men. It took me a long time to realize that men have been terrorizing women to such an extent that they fear even visual contact, almost as if a glance is a harbinger of assault or […]


This afternoon a friend of Richie Boy walked into the diamond exchange. It was the end of the day. Kwan wasn’t wearing a suit. I had never really spoken with him. The Wall Street trader had a high opinion of himself. His clothes had been purple lapels and his cars ran faster than the State […]

Deaf Girl

My friend’s sister was deaf. I liked how Nancy danced funny to the beat that she could feel on her skin. One day she came back from deaf school taught by nuns. I asked her what was wrong. I couldn’t sign, but Nancy told me a horrible story. We went to the police. They said […]

The Beauty Of The Soviet