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Oneness 2013

James Steele, cosmos I am not one with the universe. I am many with oneness. – Pascha Ray

Auld Lang Syne

2012 will come to an end this evening. 2013 has already dawned on my young family in Thailand. Seven hours remain in 2012 at the Fort Greene Observatory. Darkness lay heavy over the borough of Brooklyn and a bottle of Riesling stands on my desk as my passport to the new year. Tonight I will […]

Chestnut Mare You GOP Fuckheads

For the past months the media with the help of the GOP fuckheads have been fear-mongering about the US government falling over a fiscal cliff on January 1. 2013. On that date the Bush tax cuts will die and unemployment benefits will cease. President Obama has offered compromise after compromise to the Republican Congressional Representatives […]

Wounded Knee

The Wounded Knee Massacre, South Dakota, 29 December 1890 Lest we forget whence we came to be who we are.

VOW OF SILENCE by Peter Nolan Smith

Almost everyone in the world has a phone. Cellular service can connect my phone with Antarctica or Greenland. I can call Fenway’s mom in Thailand and Mam will pick up on the other end. Millions of cellular calls and SMS messages crisscross the globe searching billions of destinations. We are so close, yet so far […]