Monthly Archives: January 2011

Antha Thikarnta Mubarrak

In the autumn of 1982 I drove north from Paris toward Hamburg where I was working as a doorman at Bsirs. My journey was stalled outside the city limits by a massive police presence on the Autoroute. CRS police and French Army soldiers lined the exit ramps and guarded the overpasses. My orange VW Bug […]

Zionist Welfare State

Each year Israel and Egypt are given nearly $3 billion by the USA. No one has had the balls to criticize these boons to two of the world’s most oppressive states, however newly elected Kentucky congressman Rand Paul has exhibited the chutzpah to suggest the USA cut aid to Israel. Supporters of the Zionist nation […]

Straight Lines

No country in Europe has a straight-line border. South and Central America are devoid of such national boundaries. The USA once was the only nation with a straight-line border, however after World War I the French and British divided up territory of the defeated Ottoman Empire with a ruler and pencil. The Arab tribes of […]

Back In The Land Of the Ice And Snow

My flight from Incheon Korea lasted over 13 hours. Our landing at JFK was delayed by an hour. The airport was only operating one runaway. Snow plows were still working to unbury the other runways after a 19″ snowstorm. During the final approach I stared out the window at the ground. Most of the major […]

GOP Ties at Obama Speech

The GOP leadership must have sent out a memo to their members of Congress that a red tie is mandatory for tonight’s State of the Union Speech. Only a few Republicans ignored the call to arms. Maybe they don’t own a red tie, because in Western thought a red ties is connected to sin, blood, […]