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Season of the Witch – Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Steve Stills

Shannon the Easter Bunny

Several Halloweens ago I was sitting in front of Mekong restaurant on Prince Street. It was a warm night. My friends and I watched the parade of costumes. We were having a good time, until a Batman sat next to our lady friend. The Caped Crusader aggressively kissed Jane and then he stole my beer. […]

Acceptable improper Etiquette

‘It’s one thing to have bad manners, it’s good manners to know when not to use them.” James Steele Nearly three years ago GW Bush embarked on a farewell tour of occupied Iraq. A reporter was so incensed by the president’s smile and joking that he hurled his shoe at GW Bush. It missed, as […]

Will GW Ever Go Away

“You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can not pick your friend’s nose.” Anon “Unless he has been snorting coke.” maybe said by GW Bush 1983 during his contribution to the Contra drug trade.

4Q By peter nolan smith

Coming back to America was a shock after a long absence in Asia. I was thin in comparison to the tubby NYU students waddling down St. Mark’s Place. They all had food in their mouth. My lower jaw hung slack in shock. This expression of disgust was bound to attract the wrong attention and a […]