Monthly Archives: June 2010

Dengue Fever Pattaya

Penang was a different city in the early 90s. Seedy bars stayed open late and delightfully wicked brothels served the shifting population of sailors seeking companionship for a few minutes. Hotels on Chulia Street were cheap. A good thing in 1994, since I was stranded without of a homeward bound ticket. Wiring money took time. […]

The Guilt of Innocence

Every weekend the police set up a roadblock to catch motorcycle thieves and incarcerate drug suspects. The cops stop car drivers too, although the round-up is aimed at young people out for fun. Anyone whose piss turns ‘purple’ gets a trip down to Soi 9 for processing. And this is not Paris Hilton jail. Soi […]

FIFA Blind Justice

The course of the 1982 World Cup detoured off the tracks for Team England when Diego Maradona scored Argentina’s first goal thanks to a blatant hand ball. The referee ‘missed’ the play and thereafter the score has been called ‘the Hand of God’. A winning player said, “In 1986, winning that game against England was […]


Sex Space No-No

Newton’s 3rd Law of motion is succinctly described as every motion creates an opposite motion and scientist have cited the absolutism of this law as proof that man can not have sex in Space. The more you try to enter the farther you go from your destination in the state of weightlessness. Foreplay should to […]