A Shot in the Dark

Maj-Gen’Seh Daeng’ had boasted to the media that his ‘red-shirts were willing to die for the Thaksin cause of overthrowing the elite classes of Thailand. An unknown sniper proved Major-General Khattiya Sawasdipol was a man of his word with either a bullet to the chest or head. The protesters have sworn to revenge their renegade leader’s death. The violence in central Bangkok has escalated to a full-blown civil war, further disrupting the commerce of the high-end shopping malls and hotels along Silom Road, although the Old Roue of Bangkok reports that life remains unchanged in some parts of Krueng Thip.

Well now it’s iffier than yesterday.

All major roads are blocked into the center and full-on marines in camo are everywhere en masse. A big splosion a few mins ago. Maybe a firework – which have been going off throughout this shindig, of course. Thais love fireworks – but it’s getting harder for me to finagle a way home on my bike.

A bunch of us all zoomed down the wrong side of Rama IV against traffic tonight – a minor thrill.

People are standing around in clumps just wondering. The thing is they can’t just kill people, because of the tourist industry. An old lady being bludgeoned to death would put a crimp in the old Land of Smiles scenario. So they just keep edging forward, begging the fuckers to leave.

Snipering Seh Daeng was the first really smart thing they’ve done. But what none of us armchair generals can’t understand is where’s the Thai Mossad? Where are the Thai British SAS and the Thai US Seals-type operators. So easy. Just dress up in red, stroll through the crowd and take out all the black shirt mercenary mothrfckrs. It could be done so subtly. Two guys and a hypodermic or a prod. What’s the big deal? Three guys go into a doorway, two guys come out. They’d get the pix pretty quick, no? You’re next, buddy. Fuck off home to Isaan and let us earn a living.

Instead there’s all this posturing and massive armament and the central business district losing millions a minute. It’s like nobody has a clue that this is, and was, a commando gig from day one and they’re still acting like Potomac and Gettysburg, pounding their chests and waving flags.

Stupid motherfuckers. Two fucking months of absolute banana republic comedy.

I’m going to Nana Plaza tonite, as usual. Remember, if we stop fucking hos, they win.

The Old Roue has no intentions of leaving Bangkok.

He’s a braver man than me.

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