Monthly Archives: December 2007

Madame Bhutto RIP

Benazir Bhutto’s assassination came as no surprise to conspiracy fanatics, especially when Pakistan’s interior Minister declared that Musharraf’s political challenger was not killed by bullets but a head injury sustained after the second attacker detonated a body bomb. This information was issued without any medical evidence backing his claim. And the USA was providing security […]

Start Spreading the News

The PPP victory in the December election has set up the possibility of Thaksin’s return to Thailand, despite the junta’s demand that whoever rules next will not be allowed to drop investigation against the deposed PM. In truth they should be packing their bags for retirement rather than enacting more edicts against the beloved ex-ruler […]

New Year’s Eve 2007 Pattaya

A large beer and liquor distributor has its depot at the end of my soi. Heavy lorries, pick-up trucks and 125cc motorcycles with sidecars exited with thousands of beers every minute. Pattaya had a thrist on the last night of the year from Jomtien to Naklua. Thai and farang tourists were flocking into the city […]

Prophecy of Preecha Por Intarapalit

Today’s Bangkok Post features the yearly horoscope predictions in its Outlook section. Their 2007 forecast for Geminis was spot on the money or lack of money especially this autumn. Today’s paper says good news Jan.-March, Obstacles solved April-June. Money flies into my pocket July but out for the next two months and then it’s smooth […]

Music Industry seeks ban CD downloads.

Every time I view a bootleg DVD, my body trembles at the sight of the FBI warning preceding the movie. The G-men. relentless. White shirts, grey suits, black shoes. No paisley ties. They hunting for millions of other violators of the international copyrights and now the RIAA or the enforcement arm of the music industry […]