Monthly Archives: June 2007

Man City still on the cards for Sinatra

10 Billion baht were transferred out of Thaksin Shinawatra’s bank before the freeze on his accounts. This money was deposited in London and Swiss banks for the purchase of  the Manchester City Football Club, whose fans referred to the ousted prime minister as Sinatra. Shinawatra has to many syllables for Midlanders. The sports entrepeneur has established UK […]

Nigerian Thai Scam

Those pesky Nigerian scam artists are at it again. Talk about industrious. The latest email plea comes from a supposed Thai student without funds in Nigeria ie up a creek without a paddle. Without further ado here it is. Subject: Emergency Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 How are you today? I went to Nigeria yesterday […]

Rivals to Sin City

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of living.” Sam Johnson The same could be said for most big cities and by big cities I mean New York, Paris, Rio, and Bangkok, but certainly not LA. Each has their attractions. Times Square, the Eiffel Tower, and Cocacabana Beach are all fine and good, however […]

Youtubes Ban Announcement

The Thai IT Minister is thinking about asking the ruling council to rescind its ban on Youtubes. The popular website’s exile arose from violating the nation’s lese majeste laws. Order #5 also x-ed over 200 political websites and pornographic sites, earning Thailand a listing on the international list of media pariahs. Big Brother knows best. XXX is bad. […]

Windfall Blowback.

Thaksin’s children were praised by their father for their part in the Shin Corp sale to Singapore. They had purchased 329.2 million shares from Ample Rich Investments in January 2006 at 1 baht each. Thanks to the business acumen inherited from their great-grandfather, the children increased the stock’s value beyond anyone’s expectations and sold the company to Singapore’s […]