Monthly Archives: July 2006

Cleanliness next to Godliness Thailand.

Bird flu threatens SE Asia. Fires from Sumatra blanket the south. Pollution rise to poisonous levels. Government officials have responded to these challenges by promoting ‘HAPPY TOILETS’ to instill Thailand with the will to keep their toilets clean. This policy is reminiscent of Singapore’s drive to insure the island’s citizens wash their hands after doing either […]

Municipal Elections in Bangkok (who cares?)

A record non-turnout is expected in today’s voting for 57 seats open for city councillors. Officials for the Bangkok Metro Authority are blaming the heightened disinterest on predicted rains and the general apathetic malaise besetting the nation’s electorate. Thailand after all hasn’t had a national government in months and the electorate have figured out that no government is […]

Darwin Award nominee from Pattaya

Every year the Darwin Award committee nominated a select few for their achievement in pushing back the evolution of man several centuries. Recently three teenagers from Sattahip stole Yamaha Mio motorcycle from Pattaya. Not able to start the motorcycle one joyrider decided to push it to Sattahip, a distance of 35 kilometers. Police stopped the […]

God in Iraq letter from the USA

This email from close friends highlights the religious fervor behind the most recent excursion to the Mideast by forces of the West. Being a follower of the Church of Beer, I believe in peace and beer drinking with the occasional spirited speaking in tongues, which is usually babbling sprinkled with expletives. The following email has nothing […]

Top 10 Tourist destination (Thailand has two)

The Travel & Leisure magazine yearly polls American travelers to discover the world’s top 10 destinations. Two were from Thailand. The criteria are good hotels, restaurants, sites, and people. Here are the 2006 results. 1. Florence -  Honeymoon city for the middle-aged bus tourist. 2. Rome - Pretend you’re in a gladiator movie and search for the perfect pasta 3. Bangkok […]