Monthly Archives: July 2006

Snakes on a Plane (movie)

A NYC opera critic once received a letter from an irate fan, accusing of sleeping through an opera about which he had written a favorable review. The opera critic wrote back. “I’ve seen enough opera to know that it’s the bad ones that wake me up.” I feel the same way about movies and don’t subject […]

Big C on Beach Road

When I first came to Thailand no fast food chains, 7/11s, or mega stores existed outside of Bangkok. I was a sucker for the A&W restaurant near Patpong. I love root beer floats. In the ensuing years 7/11s have invaded the nation. More kids drink Pepsi than water and KFC is finger-licking good everywhere. Worst are Big […]

MTV Top 10 outrageous VDOs

MTV issued their list of the Top Ten VDOs which broke the rules. Now forget you can’t sing any of the choices around a campfire or all are insipid pop trash. These are songs for the people and if they are breaking the rules, then the bar has to be raised a few taboos. Like […]

Traffic Rules in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city well-known for its traffic. Main avenues are jammed at lights for hours and then released by city police whose brains have been addled from breathing too much CO2. Drivers stomp on the accelerators for a brief burst of freedom from the gridlock, even though another red light will trapped them within minutes. […]

Who cares? Update

The results have been tabulated for the Bangkok Municipal Authority. People actually left their homes to vote. And those that voted slammed the TRT (ThaiRakThai) Party. The Democraps ( also a party of the rich and famous ) won 37 of the 54 seats. Turnout was slightly larger than anticipated, however I still like to […]