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Lady Words That Men Don’t Know or Use

JFK was reputed to be the fastest speaker in the English language. Whereas expert typists can tap out 120 words per minute, JFK could string over 300 words in a minute. JFK is the recognized champ, however my fast-talking mother could have whipped the Boston-bred president like a red-headed step-child, mostly because women have a […]

Flying With The Windows Down

Last Monday a small electrical fire forced the airplane carrying Mitt Romney’s wife to make an emergency landing in Denver. The passengers escaped from the stricken jet without injury and later on stage at a political rally the GOP presidential candidate expressed his relief that his wife was safe and then said, “When you have […]

State of the Union Speech 2012

My prediction for Obama’s speech this evening is that there will be no announcements about the legalization of marijuana or a ban on torture or an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan or the outlawing of potato chips and fast food. The President will instead try to rally the nation around the idea that our eyes have […]