Mohammad Morsi RIP

This morning Egypt’s first democratically elected president collapsed after a court appearance to face espionage charges.

The sixty-seven year old man had been tortured and abused and had been refused medical care throughout a six year imprisonment. His family had only been allowed to see him three times. According to AlJazeera the former president’s son, Abdullah Mohamed Morsi, told Reuters news agency that the family did not know the location of his body. He added that the authorities had refused to allow Morsi be buried at his family’s cemetery.

The military dictator Sisi fears the dead almost as much as the living.

As does the USA and UK.

There was no mention of the former leader’s death in CNN or Fox News.

Turkish President called Morsi a martyr.

I agree.

arqid fi salam or rest in peace.

The struggle for justice is never over.

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