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Get Da Jag

My friend Cynthia from the Bush Tetras was looking for a car in LA. Only losers walk in the City of Angels. A pale-yellow Jaguar E-Class caught her eye and she wondered whether she should purchase it, if only in her mind. “Get da Jag.” I green-lighted the buy. Back in the 1960s two teenage […]

Via Afrika – Hey Boy (1984)

THE SEASON FOR GIVING by Peter Nolan Smith

Early on the morning of December 24, 1985 Vonelli, Lizzie and I boarded a train at Gard Du Nord. I could see my breath in the cold. Lizzie exhaled a thick cloud of smoke. She liked her Gaulloises. Lord Ventnor had invited us to spend the Christmas Holiday on the Isle of Wight. The train […]

Safer Than Peanuts

legalization, marijuana, governor chrystie, causes of death The top 15 causes of death in the USA are the following according to ( I have added the major causes of these top causes of death based on my hunches and not scientific fact); 1. Heart Disease (obesity and tobacco) 2. Cancer (tobacco, pollution, stress, and […]

Jaws Ha-Ha

Aawut and friends were fishing in the middle of deep sea. After a long day of fishing, Aawut felt like going to swim, so he took off his clothes and get himself ready to dive in the sea. But as he jumped off the boat, he noticed a large shark swimming nearby. With hesitation, Aawut […]