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Another Awful Afghan Autumn

Another autumn has passed for coalition soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. The Taliban rise from the opium fields and the fighting season this its stride. Hardliners in the Pentagon are pressing President Obama to stay in place. He has said yes. I am seriously disappointed by his decision, because most couldn’t located Afghanistan on a map […]

Xenophon’s March

After 9/11 then-President GW Bush’s security advisers targeted Afghanistan for revenge. The Northern Alliance was armed by CIA secret shipments to fight the Taliban and B-52s pounded al-Qaaspringda bases through the war-torn nation. NATO troops backed the new government with the USA providing the majority of combatants. An easy victory was never in the cards. […]

Inside Attacks

The NATO and ISAF troops in Afghanistan are approaching the eleventh year of occupation of that war-torn country. They have fought the Taliban in armed battles, suffered IED attacks, and suicide bombing, however this year an increasing number of supposed Taliban infiltrators into the Afghani Army have turned their weapons on their instructors and foreign […]

Eight And Out Of Iraq

On September 11, 2001 the United States was assaulted by three hijacked commercial airliners. A fourth jet crashed into a Pennsylvania field. 9/11 shocked the nation and its populace sought revenge. The President, CIA, and FBI laid the blame on supporters of Osama Bin Ladin. The Al-Quada leader was living in Afghanistan and the Pentagon […]

Cut And Walk

Ten years ago the Coalition of the Willing initiated Operation Enduring Freedom against the Taliban in Afghanistan in revenge for harboring Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al-Quada. The Northern Alliance backed by NATO air strikes easily routed their fundamentalist foes, but the defeat partially came, because the war-ravaged country was on the verge of […]