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Patpong Back to Normal

GW Bush passed through Bangkok on his way to the Beijing Olympics. His economic advisers trawled the city for copyright sin. They were disappointed to discover the hotbeds of terrorist fake luxury goods had been purified by the ever-vigilant Bangkok Police. Al-Quada supporters on Patpong were reduced to sellign bananas and the Islamic fascists behind […]

President Nixon 1969 Thailand

After a five and a half hour stop-over in Vietnam President Nixon landed in Thailand on 7/30/69 to speak with the King. The Thai military were a strongest allies in the fight against communism. The president was escorted to the airport by Thailand’s King Phumiphol prior to his departure for New Delhi, India. A crowd […]

GW Bush’s Bon Voyage to Bangkok

The US president swung through Thailand for a 2-day visit to his loyal ally in the War on Terror. GW Bush mentioned his heartfelt thanks for the secret rendition prisons in Thailand. “There is a price for freedom even if that price is freedom.” The Thai translator told Samak. Before leaving for China GW Bush […]