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NICHT FUN by Peter Nolan Smith

In the autumn of 1982 Henri Flesh and I flew to Berlin. We booked rooms at the Hotel Kempenski for a three-day holiday from BSIR, Hamburg’s most popular club. That night the French DJ and I went out to the Dschungel in Charlottesburg, where we ran into a pair of Christina F lookalikes. All the […]

The Wall Of Trump The Great

The Great Wall of China was built to defend the Middle Kingdom from barbarian incursions and control border trade. Both the Mongols and Manchus breached the barrier to establish foreign empires. Last year the Chinese film industry released THE GREAT WALL. The enemy were lizard beasts. They were stopped by a gwai-lo Western warrior. And […]

Dirty Donald Trump Sanchez

The Dirty Sanchez is a mythical legend about the sexual aftermath of anal sex. It’s all a joke, but on Wednesday GOP presidential hopeful flew in his private jet to Mexico City at the invitation of Mexican President Peña Nieto. Both men needed political boosts. The New York billionaire trails Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, […]

Berlin Wall a la Pattaya

The Berlin Wall fell in November in 1989. Several years ago a German expat in Pattaya tried to recreate one of many escape attempts over the infamous barrier between East and West by trying to evade police by leaping over a concrete wall topped by barbed wire in a state of nakedness. Stasi Police would […]