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Burning in Hell

Written 8/22/2009 In 1842 William Miller announced the imminent end of the world. October 22, 1844 was the date selected by his follower by Samuel S. Snow. His congregation prepared for the coming of Christ for two years. The day came and went without Jesus appearing with his host of angels. The date was thereafter […]

The Great Disappointment – Pattaya

For puritanical Christians early 19th Century America was a cesspool of sin and Satan threatened the souls of the White Race through race mixing, while women’s demand for equality attacked the eternal domination of men over the weaker sex. Children lost their religion and the United States was driven not by godliness, but Mammon the […]

The Great Disappointment

The USA has denied Israel the use of certain weapons useful for their proposed attack on Iran. The Pentagon rationalizes that so-called bunker-busters could lead to a greater conflict along with permission for Israeli airplanes to cross Iraqi airspace along with re-fuleing privileges from USAF tankers. GW Bush is extremely upset with this decision for […]