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Square S&M / The Castle – Pattaya

Several years back the Castle opened for business across from the Buffalo Bar on Pattaya’s 3rd Road. The dress code was black. I was more interested in drinking beer and sat at the bar, but the Buffalo’s bar girls watched young women exit from the S and M bar at the end of the night […]


Last night while we lay naked in bed, Alice requested to have her hands to be bound behind her back. I found a ten-foot cord and forced her onto her belly. She stretched her arms back and I looped the rope around her wrists. I entered her with a steely hardness and we fucked for […]

The Castle Fetish Bar Pattaya

Several years back the Castle opened across the soi from the Buffalo Bar on 3rd Road. The Pattaya branch of the Bangkok S&M club flourished without my ever seeing a single black-shirted entering its doors. Only sexy Asian girls in black fetish outfits. Guess I’m straight. Anyway my drinking comrades at the Buffalo and I discussed […]