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Thai Prison Phii

Why do cemeteries have fences around them? Because everyone is dying to get in. It’s the exact opposite for prison. Okay, this joke isn’t so funny to adults and neither was the 2009 appearance of a ghost in Bangkok’s Crime Suppression Division, where several guests of the state have experienced sleepless nights due to the […]

Prison is no place like Home

The Australian novelist languishes in prison on charges of lese-majeste. He was not pardoned for the King’s birthday, but one hopes that Harry Nicolaides will be shown leniency for the New Year. As far as anyone can tell, the Australian embassy has done nothing to aid his case. Here’s a letter from the prisoner to […]

No Home like No Home

This winter I faced legal charges for copyright infringement. The officers from the cyber-crime unit of the Thai Police told me not to worry about the sentence. They said it would be about $100US, however several lawyers warned that I could face deportation plus the declaration of persona non grata, which would have meant my […]

Anti-Crack Island Thailand

Fed up with the traffic of contraband drugs into the Thai prisons, correction authorities are exiling a 1000 of the country’s most serious drug offenders to a high-tech facility designed to eliminate the smuggling of narcotics. The location of the prison will be in Nakhon Ratchasima province. Mobile phones will be useless inside the cell […]