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THE SLEEP OF THE DEAD by Peter Nolan Smith

Two weeks after my arrest by the Thai Cyper-Crime Unit in 2008 I was drinking at Donovan’s Sports Bar on Pattya’s Sai 3. Most of the clientele was watching a golf match, while I concentrated on drinking a vodka-tonic. Golf meant nothing to me. After Tiger Woods birdied a hole, the TV went to commercial […]


ANOTHER SAD LETTER this one thanks to www.teakdoor.com OK, I met a seemingly nice half-Chinese half-Thai girl about a year and a half ago. We were friends for a month or so and then we started dating. All was good for the first 6-8 months but then she got lazy and stopped studying and started […]

Love Versus Lust

Sam Royalle broke up with his girlfriend upon discovering she had been seeing a Thai boyfriend. Actually the Thai boy was her dealer, but her infidelity was more acceptable than a relapse of smoking ja-bah. Sam Threw out his girlfriend and started dating again, which is Pattaya means hitting the go-go bars, drinking, and coming […]