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Thai No Nos

Last night I walked across town heading for the Brooklyn Bridge. The Patriots had lost to the Giants in the Superbowl and I was in no mood for celebration. Approaching Chinatown I turned around to survey the city skyline shimmering under a clear sky dotted by the few stars strong enough to pierce New York’s […]

Ganden Sky Burial

A mango tree shaded our old house in Sri Racha. Birds roosted on the branches. Our next-door neighbor hated the tree. Its leaves fell into their yard, even though the tree’s spread of shade cooled down both houses. My neighbor only saw the leaves and the other week she called up the electricity office to […]


The attribute I most admire in the Thais is their ability to sleep anywhere and I seem to have acquire this gift from my years of living in the Land of Smiles. I thank Siam for this talent. Everywhere and anytime.

YOU BET I WOULD Thai Bikini Girl

Orgasm Mai Ching

Back in 1991 I had sex with a Thai woman, whom I had met at the Marine Disco in Pattaya. She writhed in passion with her bones crackling like popcorn. At the end of an hour the twenty-year old Isaan native said, “I finish many times. You #1.” I tipped the free-lancer an extra 200 […]