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4 – 4 Superbowl 2010 Colts Versus Saints

Since The First AFL–NFL World Championship Game was played on January 15, 1967 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum betweeen the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs, the Super Bowl has reigned as America’s premier sporting event. In 2010 thee point spread favored the Indianapolis Colts AFC champs, but my heart hung with New […]

Super Bowl Snatch

I love the unpredictabilty of chaos No one could have predicted on Kearse catching that deflected ball on his back. On the ensuing play Lynch was tackled and I’m screaming for Belichick to call a time-out, because I know that the ‘Hawks will scoree. Nothing comes from Belichik. He’s acting like a deer caught in […]

BETTING THE OTHER WAY by Peter Nolan Smith

For centuries few good roads through the thickly forested hills of the Ardennes and Luxembourg served as a fortress against invading armies in Northern Europe. Steep cliffs surrounded the city and hundreds of troops could defend against the attack of thousands. Militarists called the citadel the Gibraltar of the North and in the autumn of […]

Giselle 69

This weekend Tom Brady will play his 17th Game versus the Denver Broncos. The AFC Championship will be an away game for the Patriots. #12 is 2-6 at Sports Authority Field at Mile High and many other teams have trouble with the Broncos and the main reason is the altitude. None of the other teams […]

Super Bowl Sunday 2015

It’s Sunday Bowl Sunday and the New England Patriots are playing last year’s champions for the 2015 NFL title. Seattle’s Legion of Boom have promised to shut down the Pats’ stellar tight end, Le Gronk, and punished any receivers daring to cross their paths on the other side of the scrimmage line. The ‘Hawks coach […]