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I never went above 125 Never had no reason Bad BERNARD beyonded Harlem To the Bronx. Torched buildings Latin gangs Jankee Stadium. The hardcore South Bronx. No one from the punk scene went that far north. No one from the Upper East Side. No one from the Village. Only Bad BERNARD. Bad BERNARD had his […]

Da Bronx Then

When the Bronx was Da Bronx. 1976. The birthplace of Rap. A neighbor has a photo of two boys playing basketball with a tenement on fire in the near background. That’s the way it was.

The City Of Canes

Over the last three days I’ve been working on the Old Bronx Opera House. Investors are transforming the old theatre on 149th Street into a hotel, hoping to draw travelers to the Hub, which was once the symbol of urban decay for America. City authorities hoped to revitalize the South Bronx shopping area, but nothing […]